With flags waving in the air showing different countries and inviting others to join, an exciting and close knit club shows it’s true colors throughout the year. The International Club allows international students to join and engage in social gatherings and other activities. This club has been one of the many popular clubs has been helping Bearcats get together of the Paso Robles High School. The club has many different activities that teaches the students about other countries cultures and embracing them. Started 30 years ago, this club has been redeveloped many times. Starting from the beginning of the year at 40 students, the International has had many more students joining their club meetings and outside school activities everyday. The current advisor, inspired by the excitement of the students, gladly agreed to be the advisor. “I like the environment…You can just walk in and feel welcomed. Mrs. Lee is a very welcoming person. She’s a great advisor for this year,” states Estey Boling, the current Social Media Chair. The International Club brings students together and let’s them embrace their cultures from around the world. Differences in the campus are what embellish the high school. “It’s a very close and fun environment,” says Mrs. Lee the current advisor. Joining the club has had a great impact on one of the exchange students, Hanna Juell-Skielse. Traveling from Sweden, the student has found her way to the International Club. “I like it there. It’s fun…In club meetings we usually have some kind of game to play or we just sit and eat with each other.” Shares Hanna Juell-Skielse. The environment has drawn many bearcats to join. Everyone is welcoming and ready to express their personal cultures. “The club is very loud, exciting, and rowdy!” Shares Mrs. Lee. The international club has many different personalities that bring a balance to the club. The long history of this club has really shown how much it has grown. The club hopes to see more growth in their club and share the cultures they have. International club really teaches the students to open to different cultures around the world. Bringing people together and embracing their cultures has been a success for the International Club. The seats are being filled up every meeting and Bearcats are working together to have memorial years in the Paso High School sharing their cultures.


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