Paso Robles High School Cross Country team hopes to expand the team and reach out to more PRHS students.The coaches of the PRHS cross country team want to get more students involved in competitive running and training. The cross country team currently has 55 members, 14 of those being varsity members. Many students are unaware of the amazing opportunities you get by running with and trained by former Olympic athlete Ivan Huff.  Huff says this to anyone interested, “Anybody can do it because you’re challenging yourself. So it’s there’s different levels of success to reach for.” Cross country can help athletes develop teamwork skills and self managing skills by choosing the path you chose in your path to success. Jason Scruggs, a freshman runner says, “Cross country makes you feel like you’re part of a family. But what if you don’t think you’re good enough for the sport? Well, varsity runner Damian Gavilon believes that anyone who is interested and committed should join, “ I would recommend it to anyone” he says. Many people don’t know about some of the amazing benefits the human body and mind gets from cross country. Running relieves stress and can clear the mind of thoughts. Many athletes on the team commonly talk about these benefits happening to them first hand. Running can also keep our body healthy and fit for all occasions. After a good run you feel refreshed and awake. Some runners on the team have even graduated and went on to do professional running. Cross country is becoming more and more popular among Paso High students, and the team is going places.  Joining could actually change your life.


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