The Paso Robles Varsity Water Polo team this year is a good, healthy team. As of next year, though, it will be a completely different story. As of this year, the team holds a ⅔ win/loss ratio. This record, though not great, isn’t a bad one either. “The team boasts two phenomenal players; [senior] Zack Tucker and [senior] John Nash.” says Nate Martin. “Next year, though, we will loose them, which is quite unfortunate.” Zack Tucker, the team’s star player, boasts a whopping 79 goals for this season; while John Nash carries an impressive 40. The third highest goal count is 15, which is held by Tre Eade, a freshmen. There is a large gap between 40 and 15, and especially 79 and 15.

Without Zack and John next year, the team’s offence will falter. The team next year will still have good shooters, but none will compare to the shot of Zack for John. On top of this, the sport does not attract many students, for it is not exposed as much as football is. And so, there isn’t many players in the Junior Varsity team. The JV team consists of mostly freshmen, a sophomore, and the team captain; a junior. As a feeder to the Varsity team, the JV team does not have as much to offer as it could if it had more players. And so, I have come to a conclusion: the only way to save the Varsity team is for more students to join the Junior Varsity team. This is the reason why I have wrote this article, is to expose the PRHS Water Polo team further.

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