It has been a great season for the PRHS Volleyball Team. Their last game is on Tuesday October, 24. They play Mission. Lets hope for a great game to end the season for the Bearcats! It is not about if we win or lose it’s about how we played together as a team. There are 3 Volleyball teams, freshman, JV, and Varsity. Each team has at leastDisplaying Screenshot 2017-12-05 at 4.48.30 PM.png 14 players. The head director is Samantha Woolf, helped by her sister Stacey Scott and her friend Vicki Luna.Vicki Luna said, “ I coach the freshman volleyball team for the Bearcats. It is a great experience that I will never forget.”This program is a fun and new experience. In the future we want PRHS to have the best sportsmanship and attitude throughout every sport. This is a great opportunity to show your talent and be who you are“ It has been a good experience and something that I will never forget. You make lots of memories with the team everyday. Even though we get down there is always someone who will bring them back up. That is what a team is that is what we want in our sports.” Hannah C team captain.The freshman, JV, and varsity teams are getting ready to end the season with a great win.“We have been practicing for 2 hardworking hours,  5 days a week and hopefully this last game pays it all of. Every volleyball team between freshman, JV, and varsity have had their good days and bad days but they all are still motivated even if the score is 6-15 or 23-7, they don’t stop keeping each other on the positive side.It will be great to have as many people to come to our last volleyball game. You will be able to see how the teams connect with each other and how they are very positive to each other.All of the volleyball teams have played Mission before at their school but that doesn’t stop them to beat them at home. The Volleyball team is going to beat Mission to end on a great season.The teams are getting prepared to beat Mission for our last game. “ It has been a honor to be on the team and also be team captain. It has been a great experience and I hope many more still to come.”

Let’s go Bearcats and hope for the great end of the season.




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