There is a recurring problem going on at Paso Robles High School. Large amounts of students are ditching school at lunch every day, and a lot of the time, it’s to get fast food. Sometimes they return to school, and sometimes they don’t. An anonymous student gave us some inside info on the subject, “As soon as the bell rings, you just walk to the side gate by the 100’s building, then you just walk out without being noticed. Next, you just walk to where you want to eat. You can go through the back roads to go unseen.”

      There are many reasons why this happens. One being that that the food being sold at our school is whole grain and many find it to be unsatisfying to eat, another being that students get bored just standing there during lunch. Nathan Dortch, an average PRHS student mentioned in an interview, “The school’s food is not good. It’s disgusting and whole grain. I feel like I’m wasting my money by buying it.” So because of these reasons (or other reasons) students are walking out the sidegate of the school to ditch, and it happens every single day. When these students get caught, it leads to many suspensions and makes our beloved high school look bad.

     Is there a way to make this all go away while still giving the students what they want? Yes, there is. Many students believe that they should be given the right to leave campus at lunch to purchase the food that they desire. A fellow student and I visited Paso High’s main office in hopes of getting an interview with someone of higher authority, but everyone that we asked told us that they were not able to give us information on the topic. When asked about his opinions on leaving at lunch, an anonymous student said, “I feel like that’d be good. Kids would be able to go out and get the food that they want. I do feel like students should be given consequences if they don’t come back on time to make it fair.”

     Of course, the school cannot just allow this. It should be an incentive. A great way to make it an incentive is to require that the student requesting to leave has at least a 2.5 GPA. When asked about this subject, Nathan Dortch said, “Yeah I think that students should have good grades to be able to go, because that way they would be able to trust you to go and come back.” Doing this would also motivate students to bring up their grades in order to be allowed to leave for lunch, which would improve our school by lowering the amount of suspensions from ditching, and it would increase our school’s average GPA. Making a change like this would make a positive impact on Paso Robles High School.

Infographic showing statistics and visuals on school ditching, and an open campus possibility.



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