Upcoming club (Advanced Peer Club) otherwise known as “APC” is run by a group of students in their junior to senior year, helping others trying to get through their high school years and to improve the experience on the way. The students in need are brought into a classroom or met by their peer around school at a scheduled location and they help them with anything they might have questions about, or are unsure about something. There are a total of 35 students in the peer club helping students all over the campus. Advanced Peer Club can help kids from around the world. Paso Robles high school gets plenty of exchange students, and coming into a school they have never seen before, they are most likely going to have no idea where anything is and how to get to it. This is where advanced peer club comes in, Mr. Carroll assigns a club member to the student to show them around and help them with the whereabouts on campus. I talked with Mr. Carroll to get some more insight about Advanced Peer. Mr. Carroll says, “I have been the leader of the club for two years. We have been lucky enough to help over 200 students at PRHS, Lewis, and Bauer-Speck.” 

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