Racism and Prejudice at PRHS

A daily occurrence for some Bearcats

Many high schoolers at PRHS are aware of racism and prejudice on campus according to a recent poll which 50 students took that included all grade levels and multiple races. The poll states that only notice racism at PRHS daily, with the other responses being 37.5% weekly, 12.5% monthly, and 25% said they never see racism on campus. This story matters because racism will most likely always be around on school campuses unless people stand up and do whats right. 

74 percent of students indicated that they believe that there has been a spike in racism due to the recent election and other current events. Nearly 75% of responses said that they had seen a racial incident at PRHS and 51.7% said that it had occurred to them personally.

“Yes I have [experienced racism at PRHS] and it is mostly about me being fillipino, in most cases it is people saying that I have “slanted eyes” and a “big nose”, a student who wished to stay anonymous said.

“I have only seen it (racism) one time and it was between friends but it was still racism. It was a racial incident, Romero, who is a member of the leadership program at PRHS, said.

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