With a ruff start to their season and a record of 0-4 (0 wins 4 losses), Paso Bearcats varsity football team are finally on a winning streak. Now with a record of 2-4, our Bearcats beat Clovis North high school with a score of 27-7, and beat their rivals (Arroyo Grande) 28-7. Our Bearcats are now on a winning streak with a new coach J.R. Reynolds.

       In the Crimson New magazine J.R.Reynolds says “There is always a mean to my madness… Student athletes ALWAYS come first… never take shortcuts.” I personally really enjoy High school football because it’s a really good way of bringing the Paso community together. For example, on Friday nights @7 o’clock or so the bleachers are packed full of people watching and enjoying the game and you can hear everyone yelling from wherever you are in town. (over exaggerating a bit but). With Crimson and white uniforms it’s always a good feeling seeing our Bearcats on the field against whoever. Even when they lose it’s always an exciting game to watch.

        Our bearcats are very talented on either side of the ball (offense and defense). The past of Bearcat football has always been an above average team. Most of everyone wants to challenge us. So far, looking at the freshman team, the future of Bearcat football is looking very good. For example this year they have played a lot of teams that usually cancel on us or don’t bother to schedule a game against our freshman Bearcats. You should always show our Bearcats love and support. They deserve it.

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