CSF (California Scholarship Federation) is a club on this campus whose main goal is to give recognition to the students that have academically flourished and give them the opportunity to receive a scholarship(s) for their efforts. This program was established in 1921 by high schools across California. Monica Rodriguez, a member, says that she joined CSF because she “ wants a better future for herself” and wants to prove to her parents that she can obtain something that wasn’t…handed  to (her)”. CSF is a great way to become learn  scholarships and how to acquire them. Former Secretary Diane Martinez said that one of the main reasons she joined CSF in the first place was because “it helps you learn about and obtain scholarships in order to pay off college”. In addition to learning about how to qualify for scholarships, Mr. Leclair hopes for more  students at PRHS to get recognition for their academic efforts during their high school career. According to Mr. Leclair ,“You get acknowledged at graduation with a cord and you become eligible for certain scholarships”. You become a member by filling out a form giving your semester grades and if they met the requirements you qualify for CSF. Starting your sophomore year, if you qualify for four out of your six remaining semesters, you become a lifetime member and receive a stamp on your diploma, a cord, and become eligible for certain scholarships. If one were to go to a meeting, it would be on a Monday at lunch in room 1023 and would hear members talk about  filling out applications to qualify for CSF and new opportunities for college scholarships. In the past, Bearcats were unaware of the CSF club and as a result only three students graduated with the CSF honors at graduation. This year, it is estimated that 40-50 students will graduated with honors from CSF. For the future of the club, Mr. Leclair wants to arrange an annual  trip  to a university to reward his lifetime members. He hopes the trip will bring more members into the club and increase the amount of Bearcats that graduate with the proper acknowledgement that they have earned through their years in PRHS.





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