Serendipity Photos- Brianna Howenstine

“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” – Ansel Adams

Up and coming amateur photographer Brianna Howenstine grew up being fascinated by great photography. From seeing the local favorites win blue ribbon titles, to seeing iconic photos in the museums in New York City, New York, she was inspired by everything. Children playing tag, *click*, a scintillating sunset, *click*, even a dog barking, *click*.

Anything she can get her hands on, she will throw herself into with all she’s got. Only being 14 helps her find innocence and youthful joy in her photos, and she has talent in most genres of photography. Pets, kids, and more are all welcome in her studio.

She specializes in portraits (family photos, senior pictures, etc.), but is willing to do weddings, landscapes and many other formats. Along with photography, she is capable of editing photos with Photo Shop and Adobe Illustrator if you would like any content edited. (Previous digital photography is welcome for editing.) Not only does she do human portraits, she also does pet portraits for Christmas cards or other special occasions.

If you would like to contact Brianna for all your photographic needs, here is her email; and her personal cell; (805) 601-2912

“Brie covers every aspect of photography; she is very passionate in her work. Every photo has a touch of her personality.”- Alayna Hernandez

“I can’t say enough about the quality of Serendipity Photos. Brie was a dream to work with, she made me look like the most beautiful bride in the world. She captured our wedding and reception better than I ever thought anyone could, the photos are magical.” – Brielle Larson



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