Ethan Short was born in Salinas on May 28, 2003. He was born into a family of six. He is now a freshmen at Paso Robles High School. He had to compete to be in the picture let alone be in the picture. He believes in a family, and friends, and that everyone deserves to be center of his photos. He now takes that passion behind the camera. He is now the founder of Short’s Stills Photography. Where he makes everyone feel special in front of a camera from a single person to a family of 12. If you are worried that you cant afford too get him to take photos well you are wrong. Ethan is cheap so every can get those memorable photos. He makes you feel its all about you and not what he wants. He is patient and never rushes his clients to get the perfect photo.

If you are interested in his work then please contact 000@Short’sStills

“Short Stills Photography offers exquisite work for an affordable price, I would highly recommend this company to anyone who asks.” -Zach Summers

“Short’s Stills Photography is a reliable company and I would recommend him to anyone seeking out a photographer who is skilled with photography and is patient” Anonymous

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