Should Teachers Have A Limit On The Amount Of Homework That They Are Allowed To Assign?

There should be a limit on the amount of homework that students are given so that students don’t have to stress about all the excessive homework that is being given out.

By Ciarra Yarger

 You see a fellow PRHS student that looks like they are in distress and you might wonder what is troubling them. When you go up to them ask what is wrong and they explain to you that they always have too much homework and that teachers need a limit on how much homework they are aloud to assign to their students. There is a great percentage, which is 85%, of students at Paso Robles High School that are always stressed out over homework. The reasons could be that they either get assigned too much and don’t have enough time to finish it or they do not understand the excessive homework that they are being assigned. The question that is being presented is if there should be a limit on how much homework that teachers are allowed to assign and how much that limit should be. I have interviewed a few students at Paso Robles High School and they have said mostly the same thing. Here are some of their responses to the question Do you usually have a lot of homework? If so how much?

“Yes, I have at least two assignments per class.”- Marley Edwards

Do you think that there should be a limit in how much homework teachers are aloud to assign you? If so what should that limit be?

“Yes the limit should be at least two classes worth.” Preston R.

“Yes and no because if a student isn’t doing good in a class I think that they should get some practice problems to help them but then at the same time that’s kind of unfair for the student because they have to be treated the same as the other students.”    Jose R.

With a good amount of students playing sports, and them having late practices and games, there is not enough time to finish all of the homework that is being assigned by the teachers. Students become stressed by the excessive amount of homework that it can lead to anxiety and other mental health issues. Once a student falls behind in homework it is usually hard to get caught up again. As an athlete, you are expected to do your absolute best and always have the best grades but that can be hard to keep up with all of the work and homework that you recieve. The limit of 1-2 hours of homework assigned for all of your classes seems to be fair in reasons that it gives you time to relax and not have to worry about having 4 hours of homework when you get home. I handed out a survey and I got 63 responses, from that survey it showed that 87% of the students said that they think that there should be a limit on the amount of homework that teachers are aloud to assign you. 13% of those responses think that there should not be a limit. The next question that I asked was about how much time do you spend on homework. .08% of them said 30 min., 17% said 1 hour, 33% said 1 ½ hours, 14% said 2 hours, and 27% said another amount of time.




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