Naomi Phillips is a 15 year old student at Paso Robles High School. Naomi has been intrigued by photography and film since the young age of 4. She used to take her mother’s camera,  and secretly take bad pictures of useless things such as toothpaste. Naomi continued this for about 4 years before one magical Christmas, she got her own camera! She will never forget that Christmas day of frustration yet joy trying to solve the puzzle that is a camera. To this day, Naomi takes family portraits for her family, on family vacations, and can even edit them in Photoshop. Naomi enjoys the idea of being able to control colors, lights, backgrounds, and the amazing feeling of presenting the final product to an excited face. She knows she must listen for what people want, and do her best to succeed in her clients fulfillment. There will never be a better feeling than the adrenaline of being responsible for capturing a special moment in someone’s life,  or the emotions people are feeling in an exact moment. Naomi is very familiar with a decent selection of different models of cameras, and is professional even while working for family. Naomi accepts any requests for portraits or film, and would love to work for you.


“Naomi is a good worker, she’s focused and determined to do well. She creates good settings for pictures and always gets the lighting just right”. – Jennel Gonzalez


“Naomi is what I like to call silent but deadly, she works swiftly but mostly silently. She gives you short and easy to follow instructions, and the pictures come out amazing!” – Kiki Hans

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