Over the past two weeks I have gone to the Chess Club asking members what they thought about it here are what they thought.Chess club is not a commitment,but an experience.The Chess club has members from all age groups,they don’t discriminate.The club welcomes all ages in as shown by Will Reed a freshman saying“I just joined as a freshman”(Reed)The Chess has been here for a long time,and still is going strong if you need a place to relax for your time in high school this would be the place to go.About 1 out of 5 kids in the club “Do their own thing”(Rodney Thompson Freshman)Will Reed also notices that “Most kids just play chess with a few just sitting and watching”.(Reed)

           The Classroom is a chess room during lunch,While many people grab the chess boards their opponents moves away the tools and starts setting it up while the other grab some food for the group.Previously the Club allowed many kinds of games inside but,This year they just wanted to make it a Purely a Chess Club.The Chess club is growing every month and every year with incoming students from the district and out of it.The Chess club is a place to have a good time maybe even meet some new friends in the high school.


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