Paso Robles student club, MEChA, have a struggling year on fundraising money but catch the attention of many new comers of the 2016-17 year

Mecha raised only a weak 500$ year long.

“The clubs purpose is to show latinos about their culture and leadership”
This is a very small amount of money that they raised and that they would like to raise more next year by changing the item that they are selling to a more popular or demanded product because they would have liked to raise more
“Next year we are thinking of selling other things rather than candy because it wasn’t that much money on what we fundraised”
On the contrary the club had received 5 new interested members for the most part
“We have some new people that come and go throughout the year but they usually come when a guest speaker or a large event is happening”

On a realative note the club has been going on since 1994 and is originated from the MECha group in Aztlan
The amount of Latinos in the state of california has increased

The first step is to improve, like sell things what more people might want or sponsor your club to grab more attention from people.

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