Crimson Newsmagazine holds its national winning title since the 1940’s

Crimson Newsmagazine allows students to gain the experience needed for their particular  interest and helps each grow individually through experiences of a lifetime, providing each staffer with skills needed for many varying career interests.

Crimson Newsmagazine is a organization of 31 journalistic students, overseen by  Jeffrey Mount,  who believes in the family and togetherness journalism can bring about, “Crimson is in the depths of all it’s staffers’ hearts and the people here are all so supportive and loving,” said Emma Corippo. The Crimson Newsmagazine and Website Provides localized global news along with current events at our high school, keeping all the students up to date, in the loop, and provides them with hard facts about controversial topics allowing them to be fully informed, “I joined Crimson for the experience of a lifetime and to join the loving family of staffers,” said George Dominguez.  And the instructor is just as passionate about the students and the journalistic product as the students, if not more, “Crimson is an exquisite organization of talented student journalists with a hunger for reporting localized news in a very unbiased form. Watching my staffers grow as a team, a family, and as individuals themselves is truly a beautiful thing to watch, and I am so grateful to be apart of it,” relayed Mount.

The family- like vibe of the staffers is prevalent the second you step through the doors of 604. You are generally greeted with the memorable aroma of buttered popcorn and the sound of laughter and the clicking of their keyboards. Crimson Newspaper’s legacy is a great one to say the least, dating back to the 1940’s. The long line of Journalism art not only Inspires and guides the staffers on their own individual journeys personally, but also as a team and a family for this year and for many to come. Crimson Newsmagazine will continue to grow and develop its staffers and provide PRHS with all the news and media every reader will devour.

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