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From the time Victoria Escamilla could remember, she has always had a passion for writing and telling a story to which everyone’s attention is captured. Escamilla is the founder and journalist at The Journal’s Justification where stories can be written and all types of media are covered. Currently, Escamilla is a fifteen year old student at Paso Robles High School. She is a 4.0 student who has the will to try her best at everything she does.  Escamilla plays for the high school soccer team where she believes the determination and hard work on the field  can also apply to her journalism skills. She lived in Los Angeles up until three years ago when she moved to Paso Robles. With a drastic move in Escamilla’s life, she especially values family. Moving from the big city to a smaller town has definitely given her an advantage that most journalists don’t have; she has a different perspective. A different point of view on environments and its effects on society is what makes The Journal’s Justification an unbiased platform to cover the news of what is going on. Victoria Escamilla specializes in setting the facts straight and having the truth told in detail and precision at The Journal’s Justification. By coming to The Journal’s Justification for any media coverage or journalism, it can be known as a trustworthy platform with the correct information regarding any media subject, topic, or story. If there’s ever a need of a journalist, please feel free to contact Victoria Escamilla from The Journal’s Justification at

Victoria Escamilla Photographed by Jasmine Romero


“Victoria is a determined journalist who strives to be her best and succeed in her work.” – Jasmine Romero

“Victoria Escamilla is a hard working journalist. Her pieces demonstrate focus and dedication. As a student journalist, she displays talent.” – Sarah Clark

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