The Next Generation of Bearcat Water Polo

Water Polo is one of the most physically taxing, yet rewarding sports in history. In order to play the sport of water polo and succeed at Paso Robles High School, you must have at least a little bit of physical amplitude and hard work and sometimes knowledge of what is going on in the game.

“Water Polo inspires hard work ethic”-Ryan Slawson, JV Water Polo

  Water Polo builds Bearcats work ethic and team building skills. It also shows young adults what it is like to have responsibility and be a part of a team.

 “Water Polo is one of the most physically demanding, and rewarding sports”-Zach Summers, JV Water Polo

 Almost all of the JV team is working hard to try to work towards earning a spot on varsity.

“Water Polo is fun and teaches young kids how to work hard for something they want.”-Nolan Rumph

 Water Polo is teaching the new generation how to be fit and work hard. If you were at a game and or practice, you would notice a change in atmosphere as soon as you stepped into the pool. The JV Water Polo team has been struggling for years, and they are starting to finally look as if they could be a threat in their division for years to come. The future of Bearcat Water Polo is looking brighter. These Bearcat Water Polo players are already improving from last years team, and they are just getting started.


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