Track Stars Race for the Gold

PRHS track athletes dedication and commitment toward their sport

By: Sadie Sisk

Jasmine Rangel, a freshman on Varsity track, speeds her way around the course with the seniors in the 800 meter, 1600 meter, and the 3200 meter. With stunningly fast Anne Meeder, a senior at PRHS, recently placing 2nd on the mile with a school record breaking time of 5:00, Rangel only has a little ways to go seeing as she has a time of 5:59. With the dedication that all these track stars have, Rangel will be there in a flash.

PRHS girls start the race with a bang

PRHS girls start the race with a bang

With only 16 events and adrenaline driven teens, there is a lot of competition to earn the top three in their event. At the Atascadero memorial meet, 23 of the bearcat track athletes placed in the top three spots , and 42 athletes placed in the top ten. Out of all the athletes, 27 had met a personal or seasonal record.The Atascadero Memorial meet was just a warm up for these kids, with 18+ meets left from the original 20, the Bearcats have plenty of time to dominate and take over the top scores

“My favorite part is the people of this team. I throw and because it is my last year, I made it a goal to interact and connect with as many teammates as possible. It is a safe and productive environment. I encourage everyone to try this sport, I guarantee an amazing experience, “ said a female senior at PRHS.

Track may be exciting for some people to watch ,but, to many athletes,participating in the sport is all the more amazing . Based on a recent survey, the majority of the athletes said their favorite part about track is the new family they have obtained and the new friends they have made.

“The only advantage I can think of is making real connections with my teammates and having them become more like a family,” said Jasmine Rangel.

A new and exciting reward has come out for these over achieving track athletes.If these students make the CIF mark in their event, they earn a red shirt for their victory.But, if you hit an elite mark, or a record in Arcadia Qualifier, you earn a black shirt [to flaunt around to their teammates] and show how much their dedication shasta-polevaulthas payed off. Athletes such as Trad Berti, Luis Armendariz, Kyle Meeder, Jacob Franklin, and  Annie Meeder,  have all earned their black shirts; many underclassmen have earned a red shirt and are working their way up.

These seniors strive to win at each and every meet and all of the practice and time put into track since freshman year has payed off very well. But, it’s not only senior who are striving to win, the JV team has broken some personal records themselves; every meet they all strive to get 0.01 second faster than their last time, to throw an inch farther or jump an inch higher. And they do it, if they don’t break their own records during one meet then they do it in another. The point is, none of these kids give up and they make sure that all of the hardwork they put in will pay off.

“I am confident bodywise. The sport is very athletic in all areas so I am pushed physically because not only the coaches want to see a performance, I want to perform to show how much I had to earn it,”  a female senior at PRHS said.

During practice the air is light as kids joke around with eachother and laugh as they win their race. But at the meets an overwhelming feeling of competitive auras fill the air; with rival schools head to head and races that leave parents on the edge of their seats.

In 2011, a mere 119 students were on the track team and in 2013, there were only 120, in 2015, 129 members. But in 2016, numbers started rising with 142 athletes on the team. In 2017 the number continued to grow to 145 members, and the desire to be a part of this wonderful organization spread across the campus like a wildfire.

2017 Track stars race for the gold

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