The Paso High freshman volleyball team is a tight-knit group of athletes who have learned how to rely on each other in midst of game time stress. This year’s team has, according to defensive left, Jenny Armstrong, “obviously has better skill.” This confidence in each other is universal throughout the team. Some, such as middle blocker Jillian Root, attribute this unity to their coach, Vicki Luna. “She learned to be stern with us, but still she’s like a friend… She’s a great coach to have because she’s a friend and a positive attitude to have on the court.” Coach Luna says to the girls, “Be where you’re at.”. This has become the catchphrase of the team and the girls take this to heart, showing just how much a good coach can affect the players. Coach Luna and the girls of freshman volleyball are a prime example of how high school changes us.

  They have come to be very close friends with girls that were total strangers at the beginning of the year. When asked how her team has improved, outside hitter Hailey McEntire says, “We’ve become a lot closer. A lot of people from Flamson and Lewis that didn’t even know each other are now some of my closest friends.” “Our coach got in our brains a little and we decided, ‘why don’t we just talk to each other?’ We’ve just bonded over the season since we’ve spent so much time together,” says defensive left, Jenny Armstrong. During this 2017 volleyball season, the freshman volleyball team has grown a lot. Armstrong says, “…At the beginning of the year, we wouldn’t talk to each other, or if we did it was barely,” she goes on to say that her coach helped the team “… be more like a family instead of just a team.”

  There is nothing that can compare to the feeling you get when you step into the gym. As the fans flow into the gym, electricity fills the air. The student section rocks back and forth with Bearcat pride. Every point is celebrated as if it were the game winner, and the loud cheers of the crowd fill the gym, overflow through the doors and echo throughout the whole school.

  Usually the freshman team would consist of girls not good enough to make Junior Varsity, but this year, the team is brimming with talent. In the past the freshman team would lose more than they won, but this year the team has won more than they lost. In their league record they have won 2 games, lost one game, and tied zero games. As these girls progress through high school, they hope to eventually make varsity and improve as players and teammates. Not only are they learning how to be great players, these talented girls are learning how to be great Bearcats, and eventually great people.

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