Learn Adobe Illustrator now

imagesWelcome back to your media skills dream class. This month we equip you with Adobe Illustrator skills for upcoming semester projects and a career-essential skill set with the world’s best vector art creator.

1. This week’s calendar 

  1. CAREER CHOICES starts Tuesday!
  2. Use this slideshow to complete pages 46 – 49 in your workbook, activities 103, 107, & 109. Workbooks will be due in 4 weeks.

2. Illustrator Teaching Pointsadobecolor

  1. Color help for the designer: Adobe COLOR 
    1. You must add one AdobeColor scheme to your SHAPES document in AI.
  2. Why learn AI: Notes and explanations
  3. AI comparisons to PShop
  4. AI toolbar handout

3. Illustrator Video Log assignment:  Complete items in the VIDEO LOG DOC and submit to gCLASSROOM by 1/19/17. 

  1. Video #1 together & complete items in above document.


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