FRIDAY 8/26/16: Font Hierarchy + PShop Layers & Shapes

Photoshop Nuts & Bolts

  1. Demo Lesson: Create 3-part Hierarchy in most compositions: L – M – S


BLOCK 8/24-25/16: The 3C’s in FONT CHOICE


How do the 3C’s apply to FONT CHOICE?
Can you evaluate the 3C’s w/ various fonts?
Can you explain the differences between SERIF and SANS SERIF FONTS? 


 Lifesavers Bug


  1. Write a 3C Critique of Ad#2 (20 pts)
  2. Review 3C Critique
  3. 3Cs in Font choice (gDrive Samples)
  4. Photoshop Demo
  5. Photoshop Skills Check
  6. Notebook Title Page Design (Photoshop)
    1. Color/Gradient/Image Background
    2. Separate Layers for:
      1. Name of course
      2. Your name
      3. Intentional font choice
      4. 3Cs applied to your design
      5. Filename: “Last, First – Notebook Title Page”
      6. Saved to Desktop (Mount) / AV Prod:D (Rucker)
      7. Backed up to gDrive

Homework | Due Fri 8/25/16:

  1. Create a new gDoc titled “Last, First – Title Page Research”
  2. Add 5 new fonts you like:
    1. Fonts > More Fonts > Pick (blue checkmark)
    2. Display the 5 new fonts with some text
  3. Paste 3-5 images into the doc

Tuesday 8/23/16: The 3C’s of Design


What principles do we use to evaluate GOOD DESIGN?
Can you define the 3C’s and what they mean?
Can you critique an advertisement for its use of the 3C’S?


 Lifesavers Bug


  1. Define “Stick” and “Bounce” in media
  2. Discuss together a 3C Critique of Ad #1
  3. View student example of 3C Critique
  4. Write a 3C Critique of Ad#2 (20 pts)

Homework | Tues 8/23/16:

  1. Finish your Critique & bring to class (20 pts)
  2. Get course supplies for Friday Check. See Syllabus.

Next up:

  1. WHO ARE YOU? activity, classwide.
  2. Walk to library for “Career Choices” Workbook pickup.



First Day of School: Monday 8/22/16

  1. Welcome words from Mount / Rucker
  2. Alphabetize yourselves around room. Trends and counts within our roster.
  3. Seating assigned.
  4. Goldfish promise (Mount) / Goals (Ruckergoldfish
  5. Read together and annotate course syllabus (Mount)   or  course syllabus (Rucker).
  6. Lesson: How to use the Website & complete the homework below…


HOMEWORK | Mon 8/22/16:

  1. Google Classroom Setup

    1. First log in to Google account …which we call your SCHOOGLE
    2. Then in new tab go to Classroom.Google & enter Class Codes:
      1. Mount PERIOD 2 = bzglrf
      2. Rucker PERIOD 3 = 3ddn3ib
      3. Mount PERIOD 4 = gepx20
  2. Complete IMJ Survey (click here!)


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