March 13-17, 2017 Interviewing/Writing/Photography for your STORY

1. Career Choices Ch 6 pp. 73-74: Seeing in the Mind’s Eye

2.  Storytelling Projecttrello

Assignment: Complete STORYTELLING PLANNER and submit to gClassroom by Monday.

A. Example of a completed gDoc PLANNER

B. COMMENT ON or create NEW CARD in TRELLO today for the project you are joining.

C. Add yourself as a MEMBER of the above card.

D. (Mon) Make one new RESEARCH row in your planner today.

E. (Mon) Make at least one RESEARCH FIND today for that row.planner

F. Be ready to conference with Mount/Rucker about your planner

G. (Tues) Add two rows labeled LEDE 1 and LEDE 2 to your planner. Using categories found here, identify which category you are using and then write the two ledes for your story in the right-side column.

H. (Block) Conference for three! With your printed planner, discuss the flow and content of your story. Make up your page with comments and notes from the others. You will earn 10 points for a page marked with comments! (Rucker’s class: leave your marked-up printed planner with the substitute to earn your 10 points).

I. (Block) Use this template and SELECT ALL (Ctrl+A), COPY, and PASTE into the TOP of your planner. Begin writing your story in the SKELETON template.


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