March 20-24, 2017 Interviewing/Writing/Photography for your STORY

1. Career Choices Ch 6 pp. 73-74: Seeing in the Mind’s Eye

2.  Storytelling Projecttrello

Assignment: Add the Story Skeleton by pasting it in your PLANNER above the planning table. SELECT ALL (Ctrl+A), COPY, and PASTE into the TOP of your planner. Begin writing your story in the SKELETON template.

A. MONDAY: At least 4 rows complete on Skeleton. (Checklist added to card!)

B. TUESDAY: Skeleton complete! (20 points!)

C. BLOCK: R1 Due with at least 1 Interview! (40 pts!)

img_9240-1Interview Reminders:

  1. Record audio with mics!
  2. Write 10 questions in advance. Include them in Skeleton.
  3. Interview General/EASY to Personal/HARD
  4. Listen for the VEIN and follow it with further questions.
  5. Ask for SPECIFICS (when? who? why? etc) as followups.
  6. Take a PHOTO at the end of the interview.


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