MAY 30-June 2nd, 2017 WORDPRESS Post Wrap-up & Professionalism

MONDAY: No School! Memorial Day.

TUESDAY: WordPress Post due: R3 Story (10 points), Photo Album (10 points), Video Slideshow (20 points), Infographic (10 points).

WordPress Posts BEST OF SHOW from each period!


  • Use this website to choose the job you’d like to apply to. Research some specifics (which company, where, how much, details, etc.)
  • Ask for a letter recommending you to the job (teachers, youth pastors, coaches, advisers, others but not family!)
  • Create a cover letter introducing yourself, what job you are applying for, and why you are a great fit
  • Create a resume showing your basic information, education, work/volunteer experience, involvement in clubs and other organizations, and references (ask first!)
  • Complete a job application
  • Follow-up with the letter of recommendation


  • 5 Points – Cover Letter done!
  • 5 Points – Resume done!
  • 5 Points – Application done!


On deck:

Monday 6/5 – Portfolio Creation in WordPress (Final!)

Tuesday 6/6 – Interview Preparation

Block 6/7-6/8 – Interviews and all documents due!

Friday 6/9 – Interviews


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