Continue Adobe Illustrator: PEN & Title Page

imagesThis week continues to give you time with Illustrator before larger projects begin.

1. This week’s calendar 

  1. CAREER CHOICES Block Day only this week
  2. Use this slideshow to complete pages 50-54 this week in your workbook.

2. Illustrator Teaching Pointsadobecolor

  1. Continue to use Adobe COLOR this week!
  2. FINISH your SHAPES and paste its JPEG into your AI Video Log
  3. Start your PEN TOOL task. It also will be pasted into your AI Video Log!
  4. Complete THE BEZIER GAME for at least 7 STEPS!

3. Illustrator Video Log assignment:  Complete items in the VIDEO LOG DOC and submit to gCLASSROOM by 1/19/17. 

  1. Video #1 together & complete items in above document.

4. Illustrator Quiz

  1. Use this file (or find it in gClassroom), download, paste it into your project folder, and complete the activities.
  2. Export as jpg.
  3. Upload in gClassroom.


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