DESIGN a Drama or Dance POSTER using Illustrator

imagesAlso, interview TWO persons for their career perspectives and turn in the transcripts into gClassroom

BLOCK Jan. 23-24, 2017


  1. Two interviews due in gClassroom by end of Friday. Here’s a helpful document (also available via gClassroom).


A. REPETITION = GREAT DESIGN (Pinterest examples)


  1. Find/photograph image
  2. Increase CONTRAST using Photoshop / Image Adjust / Levels
  3. Paste HI CONTRAST into Illustrator
  4. Image Trace: try options in Window / Image Trace
  5. EXPAND (to vector & points).
  6. Delete background? Use Direct Selection (white pointer).
  7. Your POSTER must have at least one IMAGE TRACE in it.

3. Your Trello Card Block Day

  1. trelloLOOK FOR INSPIRATION. Pinterest. Google searches (Mermaid posters. Dance posters. etc)
  2. Must attach “3 Pinterest or Google jpgs” that you want to emulate in your design
  3. Add yourself as a MEMBER to your card. It’s easy.

4. Poster Worktime: Continue

MONDAY & TUESDAY Jan. 23-24, 2017

1. CAREER CHOICES this week:

  1. Using the interview template from gClassroom, interview two persons about their career perspectives. Turn in the following to gClassroom by Friday (30 points):
    1. Both interview questions answered (16 points)
    2. Interview transcript (typed below interview responses) (14 points)
    3. Audio files (5 points per file extra credit)
  2. Use this slideshow. Make sure to complete workbook pages 50-55 by the end of this week.

2. Illustrator Teaching Pointsadobecolor

  1. Continue to use Adobe COLOR this week!
  2. TRELLO Accounts! Set up yours using this Slideshow.

3. Illustrator Poster for Productions!

  1. You will choose one of the following projects and create an AI-designed poster for the event. Watch the video pitches to know your job as a designer (wear headphones please).
    1. Drama Performance or
    2. Dance Performance
    3. In your trello account, create a card named either DRAMA or DANCE and then your name
      1. Example: DANCE Jane Doe
    4. Find poster designs you appreciate online.
      1. Grab a snapshot using the Snipping Tool or right-click Save Image
      2. Add at least three to your Trello card



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