One of the most asked questions today is “What does our school think about President Trump?”, well, only 12% of PRHS students support President Trump based on a survey given to PRHS students. We wonder if our president’s decisions affect anyone in our community?   “Most adults don’t like to discuss politics with each other. It seems to be something people consider a touchy subject, but I truly believe it would be better to know what my peers believe in.” says Jesus Cervantes, a PRHS student. We know today that only 12% of Bearcats support Trump, and 21% being in-between in their opinions based. The 66% majority states they do not support President Trump. Surprisingly, 0% of the supporters agree with all of his decisions. The majority of Bearcats only supported “some” of his decisions, but the second majority that is almost equal to its counterpart stated that they do not support any of Presidents Trump’s decisions. When we asked Jesus if he believes in his president he said “ I think he is not capable of running a country because he does not take in account what his new laws or policies will affect people.”  We asked Robi, another Paso student, the same question. Which he replied “No, I do not support him. He is incapable of running this country and I fear for our safety because of him.” It is clear that the majority of students do not support nor believe in President Trump at PRHS as we can see from the statistics. Robi shared his opinions about the subject, “I am not surprised, my opinion already is that most Bearcats don’t support him.” Although these statistics are compelling, it is still obvious that there is a divide at Paso High. The events that occured on March 14 proved that. During lunch, March 14, at PRHS, a fight began due to racist comments being said. Will Our campus work as a divided state? The future is still unknown, and most bearcats are hoping for a better one.






















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