“Ever since I can remember, I’ve had to help my dad with his carpentry business. I have never been fond of it but I helped anyway. When I helped him, I tried to be fast in getting the right tools he needed but wasn’t fast enough or I would bring the wrong ones. Instead of having a carpentry interest I have had an interest in video games. When I was 3, my dad introduced to me something called a gaming console, a PlayStation 2 to be exact. I was so happy to find out how to work this console. There was so many games that came with this everything from Crash Bandicoot to GTA San Andreas. My favorite game by far was GTA San Andreas but I didn’t get to play it that much because it was so scratched. Most of the games were worn out from playing them so much. My biggest worry is my dad, he has diabetes and i’m really worried for him.”

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